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Royal Marine Packing, Inc., located at 2006 Cherry Hill Ln., Charleston, SC 29405, has a rich history that began in June of 2001. Founded by a visionary from Holland, inspired by Charleston’s strategic port access, our journey began as a small receiving and packing yard. Our founder’s passion for marine logistics and his Dutch heritage led to the name “Royal Marine Packing,” a nod to his son, Roy, and the Dutch Royal Family.

Starting with modest facilities, we’ve since evolved into a dynamic force in yacht logistics. Our expertise in handling boats and cargo has allowed us to secure a prominent place in the industry. Over the years, we’ve continuously adapted to industry changes, even as the digital age dawned.



Today, we proudly handle a diverse range of cargo, from boats and trailers to jetskis and automobiles. We maximize container loads, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our dedication to securing cargo and ensuring its safety for voyages is unwavering. We work closely with the National Cargo Bureau to inspect and report on every flat rack.

Located at the Charleston Peninsula’s neck, we’re strategically positioned for Roll-On/Roll-Off shipping. Our facility offers inside storage in our warehouse, outdoor storage in our spacious yard, and we’re equipped to receive deliveries of all sizes with ease. Our forklifts streamline the unloading process.


With over 30 years of experience, Royal Marine Packing excels at shipping and handling boats, and we’re ready to assist with any cargo logistics needs. Your cargo’s safe passage from point A to point B is our commitment, whether it’s palletizing, crating, shrink wrapping, or handling your items.


The shipping industry is ever-changing, and we take pride in our adaptability. We look forward to serving you and meeting your unique cargo logistics requirements.

Auto Shippers and Boat Transporters

Packing and transporting vehicles such as boats, cars and motorcycles is Royal Marine Packing’s specialty. Our workforce of expert boat and auto shippers will secure safe and efficient cargo shipment for your vehicle to all destinations, both domestically and internationally. Do you want to get in touch with one of our boat and auto shippers? Call us now!

Freight container, steel crate or custom-build cradle

To assure safe delivery of your cargo shipment, we use specialized packing tools: from freight container to customized cradle. We can pack a freight container on a live load basis. With our secured warehouse and laydown field, we are your ideal logistical partner. Are you interested in our services? Call us or send a direct rate request.

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